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How Do I File Bankruptcy?

How Do I File Bankruptcy? When the time comes when you suspect you might need to file bankruptcy, you should approach the situation carefully.  Bankruptcy law involves complex concepts that have evolved for hundreds, even thousands of years. Bankruptcy Research General Bankruptcy Information With the advent of the internet, you have an overwhelming amount of […]

File Bankruptcy With Your Tax Refund

Start 2018 Off Right – Use Your Tax Refund to File Bankruptcy Filing Bankruptcy with your tax refund may sound like a boring way to spend your refund.  People like to use their tax refund for big luxury purchases, expensive car repairs, home improvement – any expense that requires a quick influx of a couple […]

Multiple Bankruptcy Filings

Multiple Bankruptcy Filings A myth exists that states you can only file bankruptcy once in your life.  That is simply untrue and for good reason.  One may have multiple bankruptcy filings.  Bankruptcy is meant to allow the honest but unfortunate citizen a means of getting back on his or her feet.  This benefits the citizen, […]

History of Bankruptcy

History of Bankruptcy The History of Bankruptcy hearkens all the way back to Ancient Greece.  Actually, the word “bankruptcy” comes from the combination of the Ancient Latin words “bancus” (bench or table) and “ruptus” (broken).  It was commonplace for bankers to conduct business in the village square on a small bench.  If, for whatever reason, […]

Bankruptcy Is Good Social Policy

Bankruptcy is good social policy. There are many myths surrounding bankruptcy.  People think that you can just run up a bunch of debt, file a bankruptcy and walk away scot-free.  That is far from the case.  The bankruptcy code contains numerous provisions to explicitly prevent abuse. Bankruptcy abuse prevention For example, the bankruptcy code’s “means […]

Hot Yoga Files Bankruptcy

Hot Yoga Files Bankruptcy That’s right – the company that brought hot yoga to the U.S. files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy after the founder’s sexual harassment scandals cost the company millions. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Due to Chapter 13 Debt Limits Chapter 11 Bankruptcy applies to business entities like corporations. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy can enable a […]

Paying Off Student Loans Early

Paying Off Student  Loans Early May Be a Big Mistake Student Loans Start Off Well-intended Student loans are great.  They allow you to seek out your dreams and pursue your passions.  Most importantly, they enable you to earn more money so you can provide a better life for yourself and your family.  But student loans […]

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