Is My Bankruptcy Hurting Companies?

credit card debt

Big Companies Do Not Consider You’re Bottom Line When They Want to Make More Money

If you’re considering bankruptcy and worry about your bankruptcy hurting companies like Bank of America of Ford Motor Credit or GM Finance – DON’T!  Those companies did not take the job status of you or your brother or aunt or cousin into consideration when they moved operations out of the country.  Then they made billions of dollars in record profits from that decision.  Now they want to come back and guilt you into feeling bad about not paying back a car loan or credit card?  Do not take the bait.

The Stock Market is Doing Well – How Come I’m Not?

You may have recently read or seen news clips stating that the stock market is at an all-time high and set to climb even higher.  News like that sounds great for the economy as a whole, but how does that help you?  Many times politicians like to point at the stock market as indicators of economic accomplishment.  Unfortunately, unless you personally own the stock that is doing so well, you rarely see any of the trickle-down prosperity from those gains.

American corporations continue to move operations out of the country and those same companies continue to line the pockets of the politicians that supposedly represent us.

Bankruptcy Hurting Companies You Owe?

These companies play by one set of rules when it comes to making money and expect the American Public to play by another when it comes to losing it.  Many times, the only way to get any relief or justice in this country is to take it yourself.  Filing bankruptcy may provide you that relief.  If you truly need the service of an Evansville Bankruptcy Attorney, we can explain just how the process works and what you stand to gain from it.  Call today for a free consultation.

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