Emergency Bankruptcy Filing

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An emergency bankruptcy filing allows you to stop garnishment, stop repossession and stop foreclosure. An emergency bankruptcy filing requires great attention to detail and quick action on the part of your attorney.  The Bankruptcy Law Offices of Dax J. Miller, LLC specialize in emergency bankruptcy filings and offer multiple fee options to accommodate your budget.

We Do All the Work

As an Evansville Bankruptcy Lawyer, Dax J. Miller uses the most painless and effective procedures to get your emergency bankruptcy filed. Many bankruptcy law firms require you to do all the work. They make you complete endless questionnaires. They make you feel like they aren’t doing anything to earn their fees. At The Law Offices of Dax J. Miller, the process is simple. We do it all. You pay for an attorney, you get an attorney.

No Long Waits to Get Filed

Whether its an emergency bankruptcy filing or just a normal bankruptcy filing, the end result is always the same. We do all the work accurately and efficiently. You pay good money for a bankruptcy lawyer and that is exactly what you get. There is no run around. There are no long delays. Questions are answered quickly. Problems are addressed quickly. Phone calls, text messages, emails – all returned quickly so you can get the bankruptcy relief you need as soon as possible.

Peace of Mind

At The Law Offices of Dax J. Miller, we take your bankruptcy case seriously. Part of what you’re paying for is peace of mind. Peace of mind knowing that we will hunt down creditors or lawsuits you don’t even know about. Peace of mind knowing that we will contact your employer or tax preparer to get pay stubs or taxes. Peace of mind knowing that when you hire Bankruptcy Attorney Dax J. Miller – he’s on it. Which means you can get back to worrying about other things that life throws at you like your health, your job, or your kids.

Let us handle the debt.

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