Meet Your Financial Goals With Bankruptcy

Meet Your Financial Goals With Bankruptcy

Two of the top new years resolutions for Americans this year are to build savings and pay off credit card debt. Unfortunately, under the current weight of high inflation and other unexpected financial strains, one might find it difficult to meet their goals this year. As a matter of fact, middle-income households are currently functioning on an average budget deficit of $2,500. It might surprise you to find out that filing for bankruptcy can be the key to making your resolutions a possibility.

Bankruptcy can help build your savings

Bankruptcy can help you meet your financial goal of saving money. In some cases, bankruptcy can completely discharge your debt, leaving you with more money from your paychecks each month to put towards your savings goals. Otherwise, it can stop unwanted advances from creditors and enter you into a repayment plan – which groups all of your debt into one payment. This can make it easier to budget each month as you won’t be getting multiple garnishments from various creditors.

Bankruptcy can pay off your credit card debt

Credit card debt is a common, yet devastating, issue in America today. In fact, according to USA today, the average credit card debt carried in an American household is $7,951. This could feel overwhelming, especially when paired with other common debts such as medical debt. Luckily, bankruptcy can help clear all of your debts, including those from your credit card company.

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