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Bankruptcy Lawyers

“How to file bankruptcy?” may be a question that has kept you up at night.  Not only “how” but also “whether”.  Filing bankruptcy in Evansville, Indianapolis, Terre Haute or New Albany likely sounds like a scary, foreign concept.  The truth is – filing bankruptcy has never been easier.  The most important question you have to answer is “Which bankruptcy lawyers should I use?”

What’s the difference between bankruptcy lawyers?

There are many ways Evansville, New Albany, Terre Haute and Indianapolis Bankruptcy law firms differ.

Bankruptcy law firm size

Bankruptcy law firms vary greatly.  Some are big and some are small.  Some bankruptcy law firms advertise that they have served hundreds of thousands of clients as though that makes them specially qualified to handle your case.  If you want to avoid being merely “a number”, these may be the types of firms to avoid.

Multiple attorneys

A bankruptcy law firm that boasts employment of lots of bankruptcy attorneys may not be a good fit.  Bankruptcy is a very fact-specific type of law.  Each case is different.  The amount of attention to detail in your case may be the defining factor that makes your case a success or not.  The old saying “there are too many cooks in the kitchen” exists for a reason.  Sometimes too many people involved in one single thing hurts – not helps.

Multiple states

Whether a law firm practices in multiple states or just one is also a worthwhile consideration.  A law firm that is spread out over multiple states and jurisdictions may not be as responsive to changes in local practices as a firm that only practices in a select few courts.

Exclusive practice in bankruptcy court

Some bankruptcy attorneys dabble in other types of law such as personal injury.  At The Law Offices of Dax J. Miller, our practice is entirely dedicated to Bankruptcy – that is it.  Bankruptcy law is sometimes very complex and requires a nuanced understanding of the facts at hand and how the law applies to them.

Bankruptcy law firm experience

Many law firms have a long, complicated process to get you filed.  You have to fill out a long, boring questionnaire.  Then your filing might take weeks, even months.  All this is happening while your still vulnerable.  You may be subject to repossession, foreclosure, garnishment – and you’re still not filed or protected.  I have heard horror stories where someone has paid the attorney, submitted all of the paperwork, and months go by with no action on their case.

Bankruptcy at The Law Offices of Dax J. Miller


Our bankruptcy law firm is small.  Dax J. Miller is the only attorney.  We employ only intelligent and efficient support staff that allow our bankruptcy firm to function like a well-oiled machine.  You will not be met by another attorney at Court or be handed off from one paralegal to the next.  We have created a smooth, seamless process to help you through what is likely one of the most stressful times in your life.


Dax is licensed in Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida; however, he practices solely in the state of Indiana and Kentucky. Dax is a glutton for punishment and just likes taking bar exams in his spare time.

No Jack-of-all-trades

Dax has practiced exclusively in bankruptcy law his entire career.  He does not dabble in personal injury law or family law.  Dax focuses solely on bankruptcy law in Indiana.

Dax’s Bankruptcy Process

At The Law Offices of Dax J. Miller, we do all of the work.  There are no long questionnaires to fill out.  You don’t have to go hunt down all of your creditors.  You pay for a bankruptcy lawyer, you get a bankruptcy lawyer.

Everything starts with a free, no commitment consultation.  During the consultation, I will assess your situation by asking some questions to determine whether bankruptcy may actually help you.  If it will not, I will very plainly tell you that and explain why.  If bankruptcy will help you, I will give you all of your options and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one.  I will also quote you fees for each option and provide a breakdown of everything in writing.

There are no gimmicks or stupid attorney tricks.  I would rather sleep well at night knowing I did right by someone than make an extra buck.

We also do not pressure you.  Once the consultation has concluded, we will not hassle you (unless you asked us to).  Choosing to file bankruptcy is already a difficult decision and you do not need someone calling or emailing every other day trying to convince you to file.

If and when you make the decision to file, we take it from there and prepare all of your paperwork so that all you have to do is sign it.  Our bankruptcy process is that simple.

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