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Bankruptcy in Indianapolis, Indiana – Ch. 7 Filed For $399.00 Down, Ch. 13 Filed For $0.00 Down

Filing bankruptcy in Indianapolis, Indiana requires experience.  It requires an extensive knowledge of both federal and Indiana bankruptcy law.  Naturally, a nationwide bankruptcy firm is not going to have the specialized knowledge that an Indianapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer would.  The Indianapolis Bankruptcy Law Offices of Dax J. Miller possess the skill and knowledge to deliver fast, efficient results.

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Ch. 7 Filed For $399.00 Down, Ch. 13 Filed For $0.00 Down.  Dax J. Miller was born and raised in Southern Indiana and attended the University of Indiana – Bloomington.  Dax believes that Hoosiers deserve to determine their own financial future – not the government, not big banks.  Too often Indiana State Courts give too much power to creditors.  Unfortunately, Hoosiers often wonder how and why their paychecks were garnished when they never even had their day in Court.  That must stop – now.

Bankruptcy Lawyer Fees

The Indianapolis Bankruptcy Law Offices of Dax J. Miller offer multiple payment options to fit your budget.  Our bankruptcy fees reflect the fact that if you are contacting a bankruptcy attorney, you probably do not have thousands of dollars laying around for bankruptcy fees.  Thankfully, we offer discounted chapter 7 bankruptcy fees if you pay them all up front.  We offer chapter 7 bankruptcy payment plans in case you cannot pay it all up front.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Payment Plan

The bankruptcy fee payment plan for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows you to get filed for $399.00.  This payment covers your court filing fee, credit reports, and bankruptcy attorney fees.  A payment plan for your proposed post-filing fees is then created based on the complexity of your case and income.  We typically stretch these payments over 3 to 4 months after your filing and allow you to pay weekly, biweekly or monthly (depending on when you receive your income).  You must first qualify for the payment plan which can be determined during a free no-obligation phone or in-office consultation.  Dax is the only Indianapolis Bankruptcy Lawyer to offer this chapter 7 payment plan.

Chapter 13 Filed for $0.00 Down

Finally, we will even file chapter 13 bankruptcy for $0.00 down.

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Stop Garnishment, Repossession and Foreclosure in Indianapolis, Indiana

In Indiana, the State Court gives your creditors much more power than you.  Normally, the Judges see creditor attorneys on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis.  Coincidentally, some Judges even used to be employed by the very same creditors before they became Judges.  This is not to say that Judges are not impartial.  It just means that they might be more familiar with some of those bankruptcy attorneys.  Indiana Rules of Professional Responsibility require every Judge and Lawyer to abide by those rules and judge each case by its merits.  Regardless, you need someone on your side that can help level the playing field if you think that you’re at a disadvantage.

Bankruptcy vs. Debt Collection Cases

Filing bankruptcy in Federal Court overrides most State Court proceedings and forces the State Court to dismiss the case.  Consequently, when you file bankruptcy in Indianapolis, it creates a federal injunction against the collection of most debts (criminal and child support cases usually are not).  This results in most proceedings getting transferred into one place: the Indianapolis Bankruptcy Court.  It is in this Court that we can then discharge (eliminate) as much debt as possible to give you the fresh start you deserve.

File the Right Chapter of Bankruptcy

Some bankruptcy law firms try to persuade you to file chapter 13 bankruptcy when chapter 7 bankruptcy is really in your best interest.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is reorganization bankruptcy, and typically reserved for those who make too much money and don’t qualify for chapter 7Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also for people who are trying to save something that they are behind on like a house or car.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy.  It only lasts three months, and is specifically designed to just wipe out debt so that you can get on with your life as soon as possible.

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Most Indianapolis Bankruptcy Lawyers make you do all the work.  You have to pull your own credit report.  You have to fill out their long bankruptcy questionnaire forms.  What, exactly, are you paying for?  At The Indianapolis Bankruptcy Law Offices of Dax J. Miller, we do all the work.  We pull all three of your credit reports.  We fill out all of the bankruptcy paperwork on your behalf.  You pay for an attorney, you get an attorney – period.

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