How to Be the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

Indiana Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The Best Bankruptcy Lawyer

Being the best bankruptcy lawyer requires attention to multiple areas of a law practice.

Attention to Detail

Whether your attorney pays attention to even the smallest detail may make the difference between the success or failure of your bankruptcy case.  Details as simple as where you have lived within the last two years or how much debt you actually have might make or break your case.  It could be the difference between discharging all of your debt and getting the clean slate you deserve or filing bankruptcy and losing it all.  You need a bankruptcy attorney with a keen eye for detail that knows the potential repercussions of even the smallest differentiation in a fact pattern.

Attention to Your Client

Understandably, the decision to file bankruptcy is one of the most difficult decisions you will ever make.  Listening to and understanding where your client is coming from is the most important requirement to becoming the best bankruptcy attorney.  You cannot possibly help and advise a client whose story and needs you don’t understand.

Bankruptcy Case Law

Surprisingly, bankruptcy case law changes daily.  You need a bankruptcy lawyer who stays updated on all of the issues that could impact your case.  Some of the best bankruptcy lawyers around read bankruptcy case law updates multiple times a day (including Mr. Miller).  Knowing the current state of the law can be the difference between a nightmare bankruptcy and a quick, clean bankruptcy.

Knowledge of Local Practice

Obviously, being the best bankruptcy lawyer means knowing your Judges and bankruptcy Trustees.  Every Judge and every Trustee has difference preferences and positions on the law.  There are several large, nationwide bankruptcy law firms that are expanding into our state.  Would you rather trust your financial future to a faceless name in a Chicago high rise or someone who has been on the ground floor all along, helping people get their fresh start?

Affordable Bankruptcy Fees

Naturally, the best bankruptcy lawyer should be able to offer you the best fees.  The Law Offices of Dax J. Miller offer the best fees in town.  We will match or beat any competitor’s written quote.  We also offer chapter 7 payment plans that get you filed for as little as $399.00 down.  That is filed – not “oh we’ll start a file and get some paperwork going”.  “Filed” means your case is actually initiated in the bankruptcy court and you receive the protection of the automatic stay that stops collections and garnishments.  We also file chapter 13 bankruptcy for $0.00 down.  Each of these fee options have have simple requirements that most people meet.  Don’t fall for the “big name” law firm that wants to charge you $1,800.00 up front for a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Who is the Best Bankruptcy Lawyer?

The truth is simple.  You decide who the best bankruptcy lawyer is.  We offer free, unlimited consultations.  We offer the most competitive fees.  We offer a bankruptcy service that we believe rivals any competitor.  We offer you to call us for that free consultation and you can decide for yourself.  But, at the end of the day, you ultimately decide on which bankruptcy lawyer you will hire.  Contact The Law Offices of Dax J. Miller today to learn more about what sets us apart from the rest.

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